The heated dogwarmer blanket

The world's first mobile, heated outdoor dog bed for our faithful companion. No matter where you go, the blanket is easy to use for our dog and provides warmth in the cold season.

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Also traveling a lot with your dog?

We know that it can get cold during long walks or tours. Therefore we want our companions to have a warm spot during a break. And this is what the heated dogwarmer blanket is made for.

The heated dog blanket generates about 4 to 6 hours of heat for our loved ones through the included power bank. Similar to the mobile phone, you can also replace it with your own mobile battery. This way you can use the blanket without limits.

With a cuddly surface from above and and a waterproof one from below, you can take the heated dog blanket literally everywhere. Thanks to the applied infrared technology, our healthy heat is up and running in less than a minute.

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The dog blanket is ready to use even without a plug. The power bank is charged via a USB or a power outlet. Charging in the car is as well no problem.

Our 2 different sizes come always with two heat pads and an integrated power bank.
M: 90 x 70 x 2 cm; 670 g
L: 120 x 90 x 2 cm; 970 g

Two infrared heating elements provide an energy-saving and pleasant heat. It's healthy temperature corresponds to the heat of the human body.

Test the heated dog blanket for free during 30 days!


So that your dog can test our blanket.

  • water resistant material

    A water resistant lower surface

    The underside of the heated dog blanket is waterproof and thus resistant to any moisture. We also know how fast such a beautiful blanket can get dirty. Which happens quite often outside and during a break after a long walk. Practicality with high quality materials are important to us.

    Each dog blanket uses light and handy material. It can also be washed quickly and easily by hand.

  • heat in 55 seconds

    Up and running in 55 seconds

    The dog blanket achieves the perfect warmth for your dog in less than a minute. Depending on the selected heating level, 4 to 6 hours of heat will be present. Our infrared technology even provides for a healthy warmth, as these are also suitable for certain heat therapies, such. B. in rheumatism or joint changes is used.

    Its heat relaxes the muscles and promotes various healing processes. That is why this infrared heat is often used on farms or in the zoo.

  • securely placed button

    Providing more security with button and cables

    In one corner of the dog blanket you can find an insulated bag. Hierdrin is the powerful battery and the button for switching on and off to find. Imagine your dog starting to nibble on the blanket. In our case the bag keeps all the important components protected.

    In addition, three different heating levels can be selected via the button in the pocket. This allows you to adjust the heat perfectly to your conditions.

Pack up and go outside

Just curl up the blanket and take it with you, no matter where. Leaving the house is no problem with its lightweight material. When our loved ones are waiting or when they are simply K.O. after a long walk, there will always bea warm bed waiting for them. Even in the car, the dog blanket can be really comfortable.

Frequently asked questions

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Is the power bank included?

Yes, every dog ​​blanket comes with our power bank. This works like a normal battery to charge the phone. There is also an additional USB port on the power bank, which you can use to charge your own cell phone.

Can I wash the dog blanket?

For sure. Also we know how quickly such a blanket can attract dirt. To maintain the quality, we recommend always washing the blanket by hand.

Do you want to see the heated dog blanket in action?

What would your sweetheart say about a warm spot? Give it a try

“I am a great outdoor enthusiast and I love hiking with my dog through the woods. When we take a break, Max looks at me with his big eyes. Literally waiting for the dogwarmer. Simply great!
Martin Schmidt

Berlin, Germany

Hot! Test the world's first heated dog blanket during 30 days for free.